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Long article but worth a read if you are interested in how the N9 and Meego came to be.

21 11 / 2012

SailfishOS looks really interesting. Definitely an evolved Meego OS. This one is running on the N950. Can’t wait to play with the hardware.

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testing Nokia’s N9 until Windows Phone 8 comes out.


testing Nokia’s N9 until Windows Phone 8 comes out.

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"In the Toshl Finance ecosystem there’s even a few percent more BlackBerry users and A LOT more Symbian^3 and MeeGo users than Windows Phone."

13 7 / 2012

I’ll be keeping a close eye on Jolla. I’m very interested in what they are up to.

12 7 / 2012

When Stephen Elop took over as CEO of Nokia, he presented a three prong strategy for the company going forward, namely: smartphones, the next billion, future disruptions.


This part of the strategy involves teaming up with Microsoft under a ‘strategic alliance’ to make Windowsphones that differentiates itself from other Windowsphone OEM by offering value-added services. We have seen this in the Lumia line of Smartphones that offer exclusive apps like the Reading app, Nokia maps, Transport app and so on. What’s great about this alliance is that Nokia gets back into the Smartphone game and gains a foothold in the United States, a key market for the company. What sucks for them is that they are reduced to being an OEM where they used to own everything. And personally I think that they do their best work when they control both hardware and software but oh well.

Next Billion

Nokia plans to drive down prices on its (I hate this term), feature phones with its series 40 operating system. The Asha line of phones will reach more people at lower price ranges than Windowsphone. Recently they announced three new Asha phones with touch screens. Two (the Asha 306 and the Asha 305, a dual sim model) with resistive touch screens. Yes I know. In 2012. Sigh. They plan to reach more people in the developing world with these things and I wish them well.

Future Disruptions

This is the interesting bit. I think its best to quote Nokia on this one.

Innovation in the field of mobile devices is far from over and Nokia is determined to play a key role in the future of this field. MeeGo will play a key part in this, and continued support for revolutionary research and development work across Nokia’s worldwide research labs, the Qt development framework and independent providers will help to fuel this further.

My understanding future disruptions is basically this: speed. The iPhone caught the company off-guard and they don’t want that to happen again. I believe they want to be in a place where they can react to changes in the market faster than they have been in the past and to be at the forefront of innovation. But how can you do that when you’re just an OEM? There’s only so much that you can do with hardware. 

As we know Symbian is dead. The Meego team has been disbanded right after the PR1.3 update shipped. Meltemi is no more. What else is there? Unless there’s something great in their research labs Nokia is not telling, can we just say they’re lying?


So a bunch of former Nokia employees left the company to start a mobile business based on the ideas in the Meego operating system. They plan to release their own devices and they also have nice ideas on how to improve upon the UI and of N9, not a small task seeing that it is close to perfection as it is. I was listening to theverge mobile show and towards the end, Chris Ziegler had one of his wild ideas. Chris thinks that Jolla is some kind of Nokia skunkworks project.

Basically they’re independent, from Nokia and Nokia pretends they don’t care what they’re doing. I’ve not actually thought about it like this before and it kind of makes sense that they would do something like this. But that would be giving Nokia too much credit. I don’t think they know what they are doing, and I believe its Windowsphone or bust for them. 

Mr. Elop has already expressed his desire to push Windowsphone lower down the market. With the Lumia 610 they made compromises on RAM that in my opinion crippled the device. You can’t even use skype on that thing. Recently the Nokia RDA tool leaked a Nokia 510 device. We don’t know if its a Symbian device or a Lumia but I can’t imagine anything lower in specs than the Lumia 610. Its a bad idea.

Even if Jolla is a skunkworks project, it has no ecosystem, it has no developer mindshare, it has no users. As much as I would like to see work continue on the shoulders of Meego Harmattan, I don’t think it will succeed. Yet I would love to be proved wrong.